Music: Purity Ring, “Shuck”

2014 Cinematography Reel:
Curse Of The Onryo, upcoming horror feature
The Ugly Friend, web series pilot
In The Neighborhood Of Perfect, short competitive horror
Heart Beats, visual demonstration
Pop Tarts, short comedy
Mimespringa, mockumentary
Canvassing, short comedy

Nick Kohut is an award winning filmmaker and visual artist. He was recently nominated Best Cinematography for Mimespringa (2013), by the London International Film Festival. In addition to winning Best Directing and Best Cinematography this year for From California With Love, he has also won Best Cinematography, Best Production Design and Best Acting for In The Neighborhood Of Perfect (2012), Best Cinematography and Best Acting for The Ritual (2011), and Best Writing and Best Film for Annabelle (2010) in the MC3 Five Day Film Competitions and Festivals.

Having held the camera since he was very young, Nick has dedicated his entire life to cinema and the arts. He has extensive experience in Development, Writing, Directing, Cinematography, Production Design, Gaffing, Editing and Acting in more than forty independent and student films over the course of twelve years.

Nick currently lives in Southern California, pursuing his dreams in cinema and visual art. He has worked with many brands, labels, and studios including Skydance Productions, Mrs K, Komou Films, Tea Time Everybody, The Orange Order, Magic Sky Entertainment, Dark Morgue Pictures, FBGM Partners, Play Me Records, Wondros, Invodo, Brand Affinity Technologies, Terror Behind The Walls @ Eastern State Penitentiary, Where’s The Fire? Filmworks, Oogee Woogee, USC Trojans, UCLA Bruins, Temple University, and Ocean Wayne Media, Inc..

Find him on YouTube, Behance and SoundCloud.